Sara Niemietz & Snuffy Walden (Los Angeles, California, US)

# WilliamWalden on bass
„TRAVEL LIGHT“ European tour 2018

Sara is a storyteller from the bottom of her heart. In the soul of the blues and the diversity of jazz, she finds the essences for her timeless compositions. At her young age, Sara draws her inspiration from the works of the idols of music whom Snuffy once met, and sometimes even made music with them. These included artists and stars from jazz, blues, pop and soul such as Stevie Wonder, Laura Branigan, Donna Summer, Chaka Khan and Eric Burdon. As a recognized composer, virtuoso on the guitar, he creates and arranges the soundscapes in which Sara’s powerful voice comes into its own.

‚HEAR ME NOW‘ Europe Tour 2019
#JonathanRichards on bass

The guitars are in tune, the suitcases packed and Sara Niemietz and WG Walden are ready to go – they are coming to Europe again! The composer and guitar virtuoso WG Snuffy Walden paints musical landscapes over which Sara’s powerful vocals seem to fly. In spring 2019 they will be on tour with new songs and a new album in their luggage!